transportation process


1. when you want to use our service,get a customer code and a doc from us via email, whatsapp,wechat, QQ,and so on .

★the doc can help you list the courier no. Goods details(product name,quantity,unit price,total amount ,by sea 
or by air) and you delivery address etc.

★customer code for separte your goods with other customers ,very important. for example: JF110

2. Put our delivery address at your taobao delivery address, or ask the supplier  to send the goods to us as following address.


ATTN:customer code +邹锦源 


Mob: 13682223071

Tel: 020-26271079

Post code: 510440

please don't forget to tell supplier to mark your customer code on the express bill or the boxes 

3. after you finish shopping, get all courier no from webiste or seller, put the courier
no,product name,quantity, price etc in the doc.Once you finish shopping,please send back the doc to us. or you can pay attention to our wechat publice account,and put the details in the wechat system, you can pay attention to the package dynamics at any time.

4. after all goods arrived, packing,arrange by sea or by  courier。

5. arrange the payment.
the payment way as following:
1)pay to our China bank account , or pay  by via Alipay account(zhifubao):”转账”,or pay via wechat
2)Pay to Singapore bank account, charge bank commissoin from Singapore to China as follows: less then SGD500, charge SGD5, more then 500SGD,charge SGD10, the exchange rate is: 1SGD=4.75RMB (Exchange rate Depend on our Website)
3) pay to our Malaysia bank account, charge 15MYR as bank commission from Malaysia to China, And exchange rate: 1MYR=1.62RMB(Exchange rate depend on our website)
4) pay to our Thailand Bank account,charge 100THB as Bank commission from Thailand to China,And exchange rate:1RMB=4.7THB(Exchange rate depend on our website)
5) pay to our Philippine bank account, charge PHP150 as Bank commission from Philippine to China, and exchange rate:1RMB=7.2PHP(Exchange rate depend on our website)
6)pay to our Vietnam bank account, charge VND80000 as bank commission from Vietnam to China, and exchange rate:1RMB=3300VND(Exchange rate depend on our website)

(Exchange rate according to our website)



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