Singapore Shipping
offer shipping price from China to Singapore by air & sea doorstep and pay for supplier

   GUANGZHOU JF EXPRESS CO.,LTD have own courier service to Singapore, 
we already operate for many years. This international service transit fast
 and safe.and the price is more cheaper then DHL, many customers 
like to send the goods by this service to Singapore We can pick up in  Guangzhou,
other place can send the goods to our warehouse.then transit by us.   

    We also offer the payment service in China, after customer pay to our 
 Singapore bank account, We can help you pay to Supplier, taobao, 1688 
 and so on.just pay extra SGD5 or SGD10 for bank transfer commission. Exchange
 rate Depend on our website.
 (for example, if customer want to total 5000RMB, today exchange rate is: 
1SGD=4.95RMB,then pay to us: 5000RMB/4.95+10SGD=1020.1SGD)

And we also help customer shop from China local website,like, and so on.charge min 50RMB, if over, charge 5% amount

   the following is our best price  from Guangzhou to Singapore 

by courier (door to door) about 4 to  5days arrive

2. the following is DHL price from China to Singapore, as usual,if goods 

   pick up today, deilvery tomorrow in singapore. very Fast !!! 
we can arrange DHL to pick up from factory directly,only can pick up from the following city (GUANGZHOU,SHENZHEN,DONGGUAN,ZHUHAI,SHANTOU,FUZHOU,HAIKOU,XIAMEN)

3. Bulk cargo sea service(by ship)


 1. if the goods is not enough 1CBM(cubic meter),charge the price as 1CBM price
 (at least RMB550) ,
 if the goods is more then 1CBM,charge as actual CBM, like the goods is
1.3CBM,charge 1.3CBM*550RMB=715RMB
2. by sea,that is the door to door service, just not including the GST,
  you want to pay GST for the  singapore custom.

   GST=7% goods of cost
3. we will offer all the export and import permit document for you, just you
 offer the packing list and invoice,send by sea door to door service,
all the goods should be send to our appointed warehouse, if need offer
for picking up service, please contact us.

4.CBM means cubic meter. 1cbm volume=1meter* 1meter*1meter

5. payment  method as following methods:
  1). pay to our China bank account by western union or by "汉生","长诚汇款”and so on ,
  2) Pay to Singapore bank account, charge bank commissoin from Singapore to China as follows: less then SGD500, charge SGD5, Greater then and equal to 500SGD,charge SGD10, the exchange rate is: 1SGD=4.75RMB(Exchange rate according to our website)

if you have any inquiry for importation from China, please do not hesitate to contact us for imformation,
 we will try our best to service you

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