Taobao agency shopping
taobao shopping service for singapore customer and door to door ship to Singapore by air and sea


   Our company help customer shopping from taobao  and  

 or other website, then send the goods to Singapore by air or sea door to door,

customer can chose many product from different website.
The following is our fee and operate process

 Our charge price is: 

                   at least charge 35RMB ,

              or charge 3% total taobao payment

( including  the China domestic express charge)

The operate process as following:
  1. Get a file from us, File is to help clients list purchasing agency products, links, quantity, standard, color,price, etc.
  2. after customer list all purchase items, then send back to us.
  3. We will confirm again with the sellers for the stock, size,color,and domestics express charge and so on, estimate the express charge or sea freight charge, then feed back to customer
  4.arrange the payment as following methods:
  1). pay to our China bank account by western union or by "汉生","长诚汇款”and so on ,
  2) Pay to Singapore bank account, charge bank commissoin from Singapore to China as follows: less then SGD500, charge SGD5, Greater then and equal to 500SGD,charge SGD10, the exchange rate is: 1SGD=4.5RMB(Exchange rate according to our website)

   5.After receive all items, arrange the shippment to Singapore.

   We specializing in China to Singapore Courier, sea door to door transportation  which has many years of experience, can guarantee that the goods on time, safe to the customer home. The following is the price of our transportation to Singapore:
  The following is our best price to Singapore by courier service
by courier (door to door) about 3 days arrive
the first 0.5kg: 45RMB,   the second 0.5kg: 12RMB
above 11kg,the price is RMB22/kg
above 21kg:21RMB/KG   above 46kg: 20RMB/KG
above 71kg:19RMB/KG   above: 100kg: 18RMB/KG
  above 300kg, 16RMB/KG
 By Ship( sea service)
    550RMB/CBM +GST
GST=7% goods of cost  (pay for Singapore customers)
If you try to buy some goods from the taobao website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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