Malaysia Implementation of sales and service tax(SST) since 1st Sep
 Dear Customers

       According to Malaysia official goverment notice, Sales and Service Taz(SST) will be effected from 1st Sep. The Commodities will be collected to 10% as tax. Our sea price to West Malaysia will be adjusted as the following plan from now on.

1. Till to 31st,Aug,will add 100RMB/CBM to compensate SST fee, charge as: 750RMB/CBM for sea freight to West malaysia, after 1st,Sep,

let's see the implementation of the policy, and will notice again after the policy is clear.

2. Will add 10% goods of cost as SST.

3. If malaysia can allow to use the all in price. Will charge the all in price again, but the price  will be adjusted, and will decide after the SST start for a while.

4. Please don’t declare too much cheap to be detained by Malaysia customs


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