What is the Prohibited Items Entering into Singapore?

1. Prohibited Items Entering into Singapore 禁止进入新加坡的货物

 The following items are NOT allowed to be brought into Singapore: 以下货物禁止带入新加坡:

Liquors and cigarettes marked with the words 'SINGAPORE DUTY NOT PAID' on the labels, cartons or packets.

 商标、箱子或包装上带有“'SINGAPORE DUTY NOT PAID”字样的酒精和香烟

cigarettes with the prefix 'E' printed on the packets 包装上印有“E”为前缀的字样的香烟

Chewing Gum 口香糖

Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products 咀嚼香烟和香烟仿制品

Cigarettes lighters of pistol or revolver shape 手枪或左轮手枪形状的香烟打火机

Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances 控制性药品和精神药物

Endangered species of wildlife and their by-products 濒危野生动植物及其副产品

Firecrackers 爆竹,鞭炮

Obscene articles, publications, video tapes / disc and software 色情物品,出版物,录像带/光盘和软件

Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, VCD, CD, DVD, laser discs, records or cassettes

 盗版的出版物,录像带,VCD光盘, CD和DVD ,光盘,唱片或盒式录音带

Seditious and treasonable materials 煽动性和叛国的资料

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