Customer ask: what Kind of goods need apply for AVA Singapore import license?


 About AVA Singapore import License

 All Register Singapore company can apply for AVA license,and the license can be used for unlimited use.

we also have to make a import permit for the goods too.

 the following is the AVA License goods

Tableware and kitchen utensils, ceramics, glass and Crystal (very general goods)
Timber and wood
Vegetables (fresh, chilled)
Rhino horn, treated, untreated or treated the waste and powder
Dirt or mud plants, flowers and seeds
Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak in the production of fresh, defatted, PAP antivirus milk
Milk-fat (added pigments intended for animal feed)
Veterinary pharmacy
Animal and poultry meat and meat products
Panax ginseng
Fruit (fresh or frozen)
Food (excluding fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit)
Fish and fishery products
Animals, poultry and poultry products

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