The reason for receiving short of taobao items


        When some new customers use our service for the first time ,at actual customer order many items from the same seller ,but just receive short of items.

        The most common cause of this problem as following.
        The seller sent many parcels to our warehouse,and there are different courier no with different parcels. The seller just load one courier no in the
taobao system and didn’t inform other courier no to customer,and he also forget to put the customer code on the express bill or cartons. So whenwe received the goods, we are not sure the packages belong to that customer. Then only put the parcels on the “uncertain parcels”(不确定客户)。And wait for customer to send us all courier no to find out . If customer also don’t send the others courier no to us. Then It is easy to leak.
      To slove the problem, after the seller sent the goods out, customer should check with seller how many pacels he sent ,ask seller to offer all courier no to you .and put all courier no in the doc and send me back. Then we can find out the parcels owner and ship to customers.

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